The protection of your data and privacy is important to us.
Please read the following privacy notices on our site.

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data.

Unless you access information on Agile Kanban, no personal information will be stored. Personal data will only be collected and stored when you sign up to Agile Kanban. Personal data is either entered by you or automatically determined when you log in to Microsoft, Google or Facebook.

1.1 Data collection at registration

Persons, registering on Agile Kanban, need to be at least sixteen years old. Persons under the age of sixteen ned to have permission of their legal guardians. Persons under the age of sixteen confirm to have permission before signing up.

E-mail address and display name

When registering with Agile Kanban, the user’s e-mail address and display name (first name last name) are recorded and stored. When registering a new Agile Kanban account, this data is entered by the user himself.

When registering with one of the supported sign-up service providers, such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, the display name, if available, is determined and stored from the data submitted by the sign-up service provider.

The e-mail address is used as the user name for logging in and for sending e-mails from the system, such as: As confirmation mails and notification mails used.

Personal Photo

When registering with an Agile Kanban account, any user can voluntarily upload a user photo to Agile Kanban. When logging in with another sign-in service provider, an attempt is made to discover the user’s photo with the sign-up provider. The user photo is stored in a database in encoded form. The display of the image without processing by the code on Agile Kanban or separate tools is not possible.

1.2 When ordering

If a user creates a new board, the data required for billing will be collected.

The system expects the user to enter the following data

  • Company name
  • e-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Country
  • VAT ID

This data is requested once and copied into the billing data during invoice creaation. Invoices are exported to PDF files by Agilena and sent to offices, necessary to fulfill tax regulations like e. g. tax advisor, tax office or auditors. The documents are kept according to the legal regulations for storage periods.

1.3 Payment

The processing of payment transactions on Agile Kanban is carried out by certified payment service providers. When a new order is triggered, the orderer is forwarded to the payment provider. During forwarding, a reference to the order with the payment amount is sent to the payment provider. On the payment page, the customer enters the necessary payment information. Agile Kanban receives a status as to whether the payment was successful or not and a code to handle monthly payments for subscriptions. The code is stored in the board data at Agile Kanban and will be removed from the database when the board is deleted. The code is not publicly available.

2. Disclosure of personal data

Personal data, stored on Agile Kanban, will only be passed on to the participating credit institutions and offices required to fulfill the tax obligations (tax advisor, tax office, auditor).

3. Use of webstatistics tools

Agile Kanban uses website statistics tools, like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Site Statistics tools use cookies. These are text files that are stored on users’ devices to enable analysis of website usage. This is necessary for us to make the Agile Kanban website better. Users can prevent the use of cookies through appropriate settings in the browser. Please note that disabled cookies lead to limited use of functionality onAgile Kanban.

4. Customer rights and contact to Agile Kanban

Regarding your personal data, you have the following rights on Agile Kanban:

  • Right of information
  • Right of data correction
  • Right of deletion
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to data transfer

Please direct inquiries regarding the named rights by e-mail or letter to the contact details, stated in the imprint. Your inquiries will be processed promptly. Only requests that are unquestionably submitted by the account holder will be processed.

If you have further questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data, please contact us. You can find the contact adress in our imprint.

5. Information about cookies

Cookies are text files that allow information to be stored on users’ devices. They serve, on the one hand, to increase the user-friendliness of the website and, on the other hand, to collect statistical data about website usage in order to improve the offer. Users can influence the storage of cookies. In your browser, you can disable the use of cookies. If the use of cookies is deactivated, the website may not be displayed correctly.

6. Deletion of data on Agile Kanban

6.1 Request for deletion by the user or revocation by the user

If a user requests the deletion of data on Agile Kanban, the following deadlines apply:

The following data will be deleted within 1 week.

  • All created boards and the elements related to the deleted boards, such as
    • Tasks
    • Files
    • Task assignments
    • Phases
    • Folders
    • Board team
    • Work done
    • Definition of workloads and status columns
  • Folders
  • Board templates
  • Base workload
  • Team

If deletion is not possible for technical reasons, data will be removed within 4 weeks after the request.

Invoices, related to the account to be deleted, are kept according to the legal retention periods and deleted afterwards.

6.2 Automatic deletion of personal data

An automatic deletion of personal data on Agile Kanban occurs, when a user has not logged in to the system for more than 12 months. Regarding the type of data and exceptions, the same provisions apply as in 6.1

7. Storage of the data

Agile Kanban runs in the Microsoft cloud in a European data center. The data is encrypted during transfer and stored encrypted in Microsoft Azure. For the data security of documents, stored on your own servers (eg on SharePoint Online), we account no liability.

To ensure consumer protection, we participate in the EU’s Out of Court Online Dispute Resolution platform. To submit an online complaint click here: submit an online complaint