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Always up to date about task progress

Whether you are organizing a private event or a complex business project.

In Agile Kanban, tasks are organized in task boards.
In boards and task lists, team members see their assigned tasks and project managers get an overview about the tasks progress and the whole project.

Always up to date about task progress

The simple and intuitive user interface speeds up project planning and organization.
Task status changes and user assignements are done by drag & drop easily.

Multi project management

Agile Kanban shows information about your and your colleagues' tasks accross all projects mehr

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Agile Kanban has interfaces to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and SharePoint Online.

Tasks in Agile Kanban

Tasks in Agile Kanban

Tasks are the core element in Agile Kanban and are organized in boards. The status of a task is changed by moving a task to a status column by drag & drop.

Task definition

A task in Agile Kanban is defined by at least a title and description. Optionally, a deadline and team members, responsible for the task can be set. Additionally a task can be enriched with following information:

  • screenshots
  • attachments
  • hyperlinks
  • work effort
  • task priority
  • acceptance criteria
  • project phase
  • tags/labels
  • checklist
  • comments

Filter and search

In order to keep track of the many tasks, Agile Kanban provides useful filters and search.
Show your own tasks, the tasks of a work mate, new tasks, or overdue tasks.

Fast entry

With fast entry, task titles are typed into a simple input line and stored quickly - this speeds up project planning.

Attachments and screenshots

Add additional screenshots, links and documents to better describe a task.

definition of responsibilities

Assign team members to tasks and define the person, responsibile for completing a task.

Live update

Just now stored - immediately visible to everyone. Agile Kanban sends live updates to boards of all active users.

Task order

Sort tasks in the order you desire.


Notifications in Agile Kanban inform you about new, overdue and unassigned tasks.

Unrestricted use of all features in all licensing models

Unrestricted use of all features in all licensing models

Unique tools boost your efficiency


Get an overview of upcoming and completed tasks quickly - either for one project or across all boards


View the timely sequence of your activities in a gantt diagram - gantt is an essential tool for every project manager.

Workload by deadline

Keep track of your team's workload and increase employee productivity

Performance diagram

View open and completed tasks for a specific period of time

Cumulative flow diagram

The cumulative flow chart shows the development of the tasks over time. Here you see how many tasks have been added, are in progress or finished


Document project information, warnings, risks and decisions in the board log


Divide processes and tasks into project phases

Team workload

The overview of workload is useful for project- and team managers


Define the daily work units available and the daily base load for your team members


Multi-project-management done easy.


Team members and their roles in projects


Team member workload and tasks.


Project progress and performance.

Time tracking

Data entry and export of worked hours for tasks.


Definition of project phases and division of tasks.

Agile Kanban - easy task management for multi-project-management.

Agile Kanban - easy task management for multi-project-management.

Dynamic board definition

Define individual status columns and workunit sizes for every taskboard.

Dynamic teams

Invite friends and colleagues to join boards. Whether you work in pairs or with hundreds of team members, there is no limit to the size of the team in Agile Kanban. The licensing depends on the number of users.


Define the roles of taskboard participants. Depending on their role, users can read, edit or administrate tasks.

Start for free

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Supports different logins

Register a new account in Agile Kanban or use an existing account from Facebook, Google, Office 365 / Azure or Microsoft to sign in.

Intuitive user interface

Agile Kanban has a touch UI. Using it on a tablet is a pleasure. Try yourself. Live updates allow active users to see updates in a list immediately.


Your current tasks can be shown in a separate Outlook calendar by importing an ICal link. Task attachments can be uploaded directly into a SharePoint online document library for users logged in with an Office 365 account.

Global projectmanagement

Agile Kanban supports German, English and Spanish. Employees in different time zones can set their current time zone, not to miss a deadline.

Host your own version of Agile Kanban

If it is important for you, to manage your data yourself, host Agile Kanban in your own data center or on Windows Azure. Ask for a quote by e-mail.

Start now for freeRegister for free and use up to 2 boards with up to 100 tasks without any fee.

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